Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wave Goodbye

This is the last time you see me.
Tear stained eyes, hands battered by the cruel world
reaching out to you. The same devilish grin breaks through
on your lips as I scream out for guidance.
You depart and wave goodbye...

3 secret loves:

rosanguyen said...

Hi Skye,

Candice told me you were a close friend and told me to check out your blog and I must say though you're new to the scene I can't wait to see more from your blog :)

Candice said...

Did you seriously write these? Because if you did, I have to say, I love these! These are just ... amazing. Seriously. :P

I love you! :)

P.S. Your welcome. (;

Leona said...

I like the concept behind the words. I like the picture, too (oh, and your profile picture).