Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Longer

The dim light in my heart flickers and fades,
with each passing moment. The moon's
light no longer brings me comfort.
The sun's rays no longer bring me warmth.
No longer will I stand here and be torn down by the world.
My heart enters the silence of the world,
no longer beating with the majestic song of yours.
©~ Skye

4 secret loves:

rosanguyen said...

Wow that picture is so intriguing, it contradicts itself and its so simply beautiful.

Moodswing Darling said...

Good job ! Your poems are always loaded with so strong emotions, it's really special.
You really make every sentence work. You're an amazing writer, you've got a lot of talent, and i really enjoy reading your stuff.
It are the ebst poems i've read in a verry long time. This one is a litlle dark though.

x ,

Moodswing Darling said...

no prob, i lvoe reading them & i'm also the kind of person that loves to giver her opinion ;)

Tori said...

Blarg... :D