Wednesday, February 23, 2011


As i whirled around, time began to slow.
Every heart beat was ringing in my ears.
I can face to face with his eyes.
Those same eyes that have been following me for weeks.
Around every corner, behind every street light there they were.
Glaring, never staring, but glaring at me.
They seemed to be looking straight past me but into my soul.
His hand slowly raised to reveal a gun.
His grip was tight but nervous.
Slight shaking came to my view, but not from his, from me.
" This is it", his voice rang out those words so smooth, it seemed they had been practiced from days.
Every second counted now. As they ticked by I studied his features.
Big dark blue eyes that seemed like marbles, and a very defined jaw line.
Even though there was a gun being pointed at me and my life could end at any second, I couldn't look away from those eyes.
They had seen a lot of pain and hatred, and for some reason i got the feeling it would all end now.
He slowly pointed the gun toward himself and said " I don't know you, but i need someone to care"
The sound vibrated off the walls and broke the horrible silence.
He hit the grown and time sped up.
He was right, I didn't know him but now i cared.
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